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RKAmp4 2 x 10watt Stereo Amplifier Project PCB
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RKAmp4 Stereo Amplifier
Main Features
· Perfect for a self build amplifier project
· The PCB is designed around the TDA2009a stereo amplifer IC
· Ideal for connecting to MP3 players and other portable music players
· Produces a high quality sound
· The unit outputs up to 2 x 10 watts (a heatsinkwill be needed at high power outputs)
· The PCB has 2 power inputs for maximum versitility, use either wires via a terminal block or DC socket - 2.1mm
· The PCB can be powered between 4.5VDC and 24VDC
· For higher power output use at 24VDC
· Includes a miniature slide switch and an LED power inicator
· PCB terminal blocks used for attaching speaker cables
· The PCB has holes for PCB mounting feet
· A clear silkscreen layer is used
· Perfect for portable, battery powered stereo amplifier
· Black double sided PCB
· Documentation and PDF schematic available
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150+ Order Code
Blank PCB
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Kit Option 1
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rkamp4 op1
Kit Option 2
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Kit Option 3
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Kit Option 1 - Budget Kit
TDA2009 amplifier I.C.
3.5mm stereo lead - single jack, the end without a jack will need soldering to the PCB
Slide switch
Kit Option 2
As option 1 but with 3.5mm stereo lead (to connect an MP3 player to the PCB), terminal blocks and stereo socket - like the picture above (lead not shown)
Kit Option 3
As option 2 but with speakers
It will be necessary to purchase other items such as speaker cable and a power supply.  These have been left out as they are often found in D&T workshops, if you need details of these items or if you want to puchase these things from us we can supply them.  If you purchase 150+ kits we will supply a 100m roll of quality speaker cable free of charge.  The power supply selected will depend on what the user requires but we recommend 4xAA batteries which is a supply voltage of approx. 6VDC.  AA batteries are recommended as rechargable AA batteries are easy to find.  This PCB can also be powered by a DC power supply, 6VDC 1Amp is recommended but upto 12VDC can be used, remember the higher the voltage the higher the output power and more heat will be generated, this heat will need to be dissipated with a heat sink.
Speaker choice with amplifier circuits is very important and it is vital the correct speaker is selected.  We do not currently stock speakers but this is something we are currently working on and we will have speakers for sale soon.  We receommend 4 or 8Ohm speakers with a maximum power rating of 10watts.  We also recommend that you purchase square speakers with mounting holes.  Please visit,
A comprehensive kit is available from our online store.  It is possible to change kit contents for example LED sizes and colours and components can be upgraded, for example changing the DPDT slide switch for a round rocker switch.  If you have particular requirements please contact us
RKAmp4 Schematic